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Mylene2 Driving home today in the heart of Tesco Head Office territory I couldn’t ignore Mylene splashed across a 32 sheet. My M&S?  Don’t be ridiculous.Proof positive that you should never let a sound creative strategy get in the way of an icon. Equal opportunity would have required Jason Donovan to shower in a pair of white shorts in order to release Mylene from a net. Funnily enough this never happened on I’m a Celebrity get me out of here.  Instead we got to leer at Mylene showering in THAT white bikini to set Jason free. The white bikini has nothing to do with M&S and everything to do with the way the  show relaunched Mylene’s career.  Does it matter? Not really. One of the worrisome things is how easily a campaign can wander off strategy and how little difference it makes. M&S will sell a lot of white bikinis. A lot of men and women will enjoy Mylene’s overexposure for a while and thank M&S for the privilege. But let’s not kid ourselves that it is somehow creating any empathy with the brand. This is a straight celebrity borrow. I wish it mattered.



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