Going into print

Veggie My 9 year old made a momentuous decision at the dinner table last night. She came out as a vegetarian. She’d been feeling sorry for lambs and rabbits for a while but tolerated cows and pigs. But clearly the inconsistency was getting to her. In the face of family scepticism and fearing being verbally outgunned she did something I thought very interesting. She went into print. She designed the above certificate, printed it out, laminated it (using MY laminator) and then placed it in her certificates book along with swimming, school, football and brownies. I had assumed she would post it in a communal place as a manifesto. It seems to be a private commitment to herself. Now us parents have got to worry about how to get proteins into a vegetarian with an aversion to vegetables. But it does show how powerful printed agreements are as private as well as public documents. You can’t really do contracts on a screen. You gotta print.



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