Foresight – now THAT’s planning

Lewis1 I happened upon this little treasure on the Beeb this morning. Its so happens that Lewis Hamilton didn’t pop out of the woodwork this Formula 1 season and here’s proof. You’ve probably heard that he met the head of the McClaren team aged 10 and told him he was going to be a Formula 1 driver.  Well the Lewis publicity machine was indeed wellhandled. Here are a fascinating series of films made by the children’s TV programme Blue Peter as they followed his progress. Racing radiocontrol model  cars aged 7. Racing go karts aged 12, racing gokarts in the World Championship when taking his GCSEs. There’s even a film of him pranging his old kart a few weeks ago – just to show that even perfection has its limits. What is so fascinating about these early films is the how focussed he is, how measured and how the qualities which he needs to compete at the top level are so visible so early. The advertising business is far too hooked on post rationalisations and happenstances. Here’s a refreshing view of what happens if you have talent, vision and a steely determination to take it all the way for years if necessary.  You really couldn’t have predicted that this driven 12 year old would in a decade be tipped as the world’s top driver. But looking at him stroppy and sulking in the pits because he only made 6th its not suprising to see what Lewis Hamilton has become.  Pick an ambition today. Then go and make it happen.



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