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Accountplanning Forgive me reverend planners for I have failed. I have been stalking the ultimate domain name for 7 years now. was registered back in 2000 by some individual at Harrison Love – a US agency which went through a couple of takeovers. I tried to track the owner down but he had long since moved on. I spent £100 to bid for the name – and lost it when the dotcom concerned changed its terms of business and kept the money in return for sweet FA. Finally I decided I had wasted enough time and money and stalked the domain name when it came up in Feb of this year. Then discovered that when a domain name lapses you still can’t get your mitts on it – its the most crooked business imaginable.  And here it is finally attached to a website – promoting accountancy courses. I can’t bear it.  For those of you brethren with a yen for a little terrorist action can I urge you to do lots of click throughs and make voluble enquiries about why there are no proper account planning links.  With a bit of luck he’ll get the picture and sell the domaine on – but if he has the soul of an accountant then I doubt it.

In the meantime as current owner of and I shall be at an undisclosed location licking my wounds.



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