reunion lunch – what did we do after CDP?

Taniaandlaura Lunch today with some of the CDP alumni – Clare Hornby Tania Harwood and Laura Holme. Laura is now Business development director of Proximity, Tania business development director for OMD and Clare has launched her own business Pyjama Room. Somehow we managed to avoid the topic which must have been uppermost namely Johnny Hornby and Co selling half the CHI business to Martin Sorrell for a cool £30 million. Didn’t he do well?  Johnny of course was also ex CDP. But Johnny’s cut pales into insignificance beside Nick Candy – who was an account manager at the time who with his brother just bought Chelsea barracks for redevelopment for £600 million and is also redeveloping the Hyde Park site of Bowater House (Lowe’s former abode) Amazing where you can get to in 8 years. So what have the 3 of us produced… well we’ve got to the age where you talk about the children…



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