Branding outside and inside

Brandkeydavidtaylor Adammorganwrapsml I’m running a training course today and tomorrow to train account handlers to use some tools that usually fall within planning territory but which (for want of an established planning function) they might want to use themselves.  Something I attempted today for the first time was to get them to work on both a brand key type schematic – courtesy of David Taylor author of Brand Gym. And also the brand wrapping schematic invented by Adam Morgan and described in his Pirates Inside book.  There were 2 working parties and I gave a schematic to each. I thought it went rather well.

The great strength of a brand key is the inner structure and discipline. The danger is that you can get tied up in knots trying to create order between every single element. The idea of brand wrapping is a way to capture how a brand performs – taking in habits, culture, language and iconography as well as values.  It allows you to sustain inconsistency but to make interesting connections which are often held in tension. Using both schematics in the same session allowed us I think to draw on the best of both. Brands have an inside AND an outside – we need to capture both and mould both.  The interior structure of brands isn’t enough by itself (if it ever was).



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