Where’s the creativity coming from now? WARC 2007

Warclogo Creativity in Advertising WARC conference. March 29th 2007. Now who would you expect to be speaking at that? Well I’d like to announce a coup d’etat. Of the 12 speakers – 5 are planners and 3 are creative directors. The rest are a blend of research and emerging channels. The planners are a glittering bunch – Russell Davies, John Shaw , Alison Hoad, Antony Tasgal,and John Grant.  Now maybe this is a conference designed to get people thinking out of the box but wouldn’t you think the best creative thinking in advertising would come out of creative departments?  Given where communications is going it doesn’t surprise me at all that the strategists and experts in emerging channels are considered to have more to say than a creative director but how scary is that?  And it does beg the question about why planners are spending so much time handcrafting briefs for the creative department if creativity is now just a way of executing strategic ideas. And why we would want to dole out awards for the most handcrafted brief.



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