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Zoom Spotted this offer on the Zoom audio recorder. I should hasten to add that I haven’t personally tried this piece of kit but it ticks all the boxes: it runs on AA batteries, it has built in microphones but allows you to plug external mikes in. It uses SD memory cards so you can expand it. And it records in mp3 format – wma is proving to be a bit of a limitation for the Olympus machines. Actually it records at much higher resolutions than mp3 – it actually records at higher resolutions than CD audio if you really want to – it is designed for muscians to do field recordings.  Best of all is the price – at £185 + VAT – you’ll need to add a decent sized SD expansion card which will cost you another £20-30 but really its a bargain. I paid £300 for the equivalent Edirol product.

for much more detailed tech specs and a higher price!


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