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Mrscp Today I went along to the Market Research Society’s offices in Northburgh street to attend their induction for Company Partners. I’ve been a full member of the MRS for years now. The chance to be a company partner seemed intriguing because it was a way of increasing my profile within the MRS – hopefully within sight of the odd client. And also to consider how to run the business more professionally.  Now due dilgence and process are never going to float my boat. But I did find the session very interesting. Its a sign of the growing professionalism and regulation which is growing in every part of UK business. The nice thing about research and planning is that actually they’re relatively unmarked by red tape. I’ve worked with the biggest brands in the country and I never had procurement asking where my ISO 9000 accreditation was. Or for that matter terms and conditions and having to arrange for contracts to be signed before work could start. But it is an important facet of doing business and the MRS are also doing their bit to ensure that they are also active in public affairs work. I met a couple of people from Camargue – the media relations agency for the MRS. It was also rather nice to discover that I could attend MRS events for £200 a day a substantial discount on the going rate. Well worth a think if you’re prepared to get your act together.



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