Ben Mack spills the beans on advertising

Benmack 0470055766 Ben Mack is a planner who has worked as a planning head of a couple of agencies in the Deep South. He’s always up to something. But now he seems to have thrown his lot in with Mark Joyner one of the internet intrapreneurs. Mark is one of a group who are always offering you programs and secrets which are life transforming, using hypnotic language which readers find irresistable to get you to respond in 3 seconds or less… Test your powers of resistance. If you want to buy Ben’s new book which is all about  the secrets the Big advertising agencies DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW you can find it on Its out on Feb 7th this side of the pond.  Buy it Mark Joyners way via the US and Mark will give you something extra ‘you’d do just about anything to get’. 



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