APG 2007 creative planning awards on the starting blocks

Apglogo_1 Launched tonight for 2007. I couldn’t make it.  There’s promise of some changes. I think there needs to be. Last time but one a whole lot of below the line agencies put in submissions – hardly any of them got anything – so in 2005 it was basically ad agencies with a couple of media houses tagging along. If planning comes down to purely advertising then I think we’ve got major issues – yes its a focus but it totally understates the amount of planning which is going on. And if creativity was alive and well then well and good but actually – is this welter of planning thinking poured into creative departments bringing dividends? I’m not so sure. Look at the next post – for one reason why I have the misgivings I have. Either we need a different kind of planning award scheme. Or we need to go broader. Much broader.



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