Perfect Pitch

JonsteelA very swift post to log that the Perfect Pitch presentation went off to a packed house. A Who’s who or the planning fraternity showed up.

The photo on the left by the way shows from the left John Shaw of O&M and Jon Steel. Most of what Jon Steel talked about was surprisingly about ways of working – more attention to getting ideas out of fermentation and less to expecting them to fall out of the distillation process for which read post rationalisation!  Without which the likelihood of new ideas is rather low.

But when it came to presentation itself a lot of the argument ran at the level of what a partner would and could do – like opt not to use powerpoint or tell the client bluntly no I don’t want to pitch for your business. I wonder how many of the assembled planning minions have that kind of power.

There was a certain UK note in the presentation referencing both Churchill’s commons speech post Dunkirk and Magliano’s handling of the UK’s Olympic bid. I’d say more but I don’t need to at this stage because the data recorder was on – the talk is in the can and the guvnor said it was OK to use it. I don’t want to make problems for the APG who taped the whole event but you can expect edited extracts of the speech on the website in a few days.  Just to add to all the other material I need to put on the site. If you want to hear the entire talk then you’ll have to go to the APG – which I think is fair enough.




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