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So you want 5 things about me which you didn’t know?? Hmm OK

Woeb1a    1/ I’ve been made redundant 5 times – had planning departments fold on top of me, whole agencies disappear over my head. Which gives me a pathological distrust of agencies who claim to develop their people. If it makes you feel any better, the last time was in 1992. The truth is that redundancy can happen to anybody at any point in their career.  Never let it be the last word. I’ve made 2 people redundant in my time – it felt worse.

2/ I got a notion about getting corporations to become members of the United Nations. A client mentioned it to his VC who happened to be Nicholas Negroponte who said he’d mention it to Kofi Annan. I never heard whether Kofi thought it was cool – and corporations still can’t become members but I thought it was pretty cool being  3 degrees of separation from the DG.

3/ When I started working on Honda I got sent back to Japan to visit the Dentsu mothership. I took a train out to the Tokyo suburbs and managed to trace a house I lived in as a child. When I was a toddler I was bilingual.

Woeb2a_1 4/ I wrote a course entitled Emails from the Hotel Babylon for groups studying how to integrate spirituality in the workplace. The course was used among others by a group at Barclays Head Office. There were unconfirmed reports that it was used in Russia and in the UN HQ (but not by Kofi)

Woeb3a_3 5/ I cut my teeth in direct marketing when managing a band (of brothers with me as oldest and most responsible brother). I learned that building your own brand is fantastic fun. That PR cost me nothing and worked hard for us. That spending my own money on advertising depressed me because I never knew if it had worked. But that every time I used direct marketing I turned a profit.

Right nominations for the tagging the next 5…..

John  Carol  Mark  Costin   Jon apologies if any of you have already been previously tagged…



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