Oggy oggy oggy and knowledge management

Canarywharf2 Had a meet with some of the planners at Ogilvy’s today – from Ogilvy One to be specific. I think the main Ogilvy’s planning dept had gone out for to get trolleyed for Christmas – at least that was Jon McKie told me when I caught him in reception. He was my planning head at CDP – I then discovered that another former planning head John Shaw has returned from his starring role in Ogilvy’s South Pacific and is now heading up planning in Canary Wharf. Small world.  Particularly as the Ogilvy One crew include James Myers – my one time research oppo at Honda and Brian Sassoon who I worked with at Ogilvys and Evans Hunt Scott. Absurd.

I was giving a kind of creds overview about research and how to get a little more inspirational about it all. One part of my presentation is about informatics – how knowledge is created. Critical because research isn’t just about getting people’s opinions. Or even doing some analytical work on what they say or better still what they mean. You need to be clear from the outset about what kind of knowledge you’re creating. Even to the point of how you’re going to disseminate it and store it. And how it is going to support the decisions you make.   I was delving back into my memory for a great example of how organisations create and amplify knowledge when I realised that working at Ogilvys in the early 1990s had given me perhaps the best example of how a company can create whole knowledge systems by scooping up and using examples of best practice, great schematics, and campaign results. It meant as soon as you had a brief from a client within minutes you could start to formulate a response because you could turn to one of a number of presentation ‘carousels’ and start to use what already existed instead of trying to reinvent everything.  Immensely powerful. So I said so.

They were gracious enough to ignore such an appalling piece of brown nosing  and to invite me to have a peek at their current system which is intriguingly named Truffle. Which is an invitation I shall accept with alacrity at some future date. Apparently they don’t mind if I talk about it on the blog. So I have.

I’ve never get used to Canary Wharf – the scale of it which is so different to just about everywhere else in London let alone the British Isles. So I wandered around Canada Place like a tourist trying to figure out how it all worked. Why there were mothers pushing buggies around.  Who used the place in the evenings. And to give myself a thoroughly out of the body experience I gave myself the afternoon off and went to the nearest cinema to watch Borat. There could be hardly a more bizarre location to see Sacha Baron Cohen systematically offend everyone west of Cork and east of Vienna.  Extraordinary achievement – and very funny. I hope he has good bodyguards.



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