Homage to Edward Tufte or should that be plagiarism?

Humanconflict In his paper The Cognitive style of Powerpoint, Edward Tufte showcased a hilarious translation by Peter Norvig of the Gettsysburg address into .ppt format. It seemed impertinent to nick it lock stock and two smoking barrels (whoops another steal surely) so I attempted my wn take on the famous Winston Churchill quotation. I’d lost track of this slide for a couple of years and just found it in an obscure corner of the hard drive. So here it is. I wish I’d had it for the Debrief Summit we ran in September. Never mind. Perhaps next time. The original quotation runs: Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.  I hope you’ll agree that it comes across ever so much better Winston’s way.



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