ALL planners have a blogs – Jamming with Mark Earls

Spent a happy afternoon with Mark Earls today – it was supposed to be a brief lunch but we got carried away. Far too much ground was covered to summarise and some of it may well emerge in related projects, podcasts or writing at some point. But it was a vivid reminder for me of the privileges of what I do for a living – and the occasional fear that I might have to give it up if the work dried up. No sign of that at the moment but the dry periods make you grateful for the flood tides when they come.

One topic from our discussion I wanted to mention was the idea of consciousness as a contact report. We instinctively think of our own consciousness as an expression of self – what we are thinking or doing. When it turns out that our consciousness of our actions post dates when the electrical activity in the brain takes place. In otherwords it is more like a printout or contact report of what has already happened. Human identity erodes without a memory of what has happened before. This is how we sustain a thread of narrative: what I am, have decided, have done or said. But it remains a printout rather than the real thing – which is not directly available to us. And this record can be edited or altered after the event. Zeldman has written about this. The upshot of which is  the perennial debate about whether planners should blog I can confirm that we all blog anyway. Its called your human consciousness and we are  posting continually. You are your blog (and we can edit you any time we want….)



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