Day 3 Playing battleships..

Day 3 in Bucharest – day 2 of the planning training and today the focus has moved on from how planning adds value client side to value to what the agency produces. One of the themes is reminding everyone that ultimately our loyalty is to the agency. We’re not a bottomless pit of client support. There’s a clear reticence about asking questions publicly though people are keen to ask questions out of the sessions. So presenting is a bit like playing battleships. You keep ticking things off but have no indication whether you are wide of the mark or have dropped a bomb. It takes about a day before you find out what made shockwaves. In the afternoon it turned out to be integrated campaigns. Where I make the point that agencies need to be clear about their business model otherwise all this aggregated business could cost them money rather than making it.  It appears afterwards that I hit an aircraft carrier.  Marketing culture is weak in Romania, so clients are only to keen to devolve parts of the marketing function into the agencies. Which can’t always be serviced profitably. If you are growing fast (as they mostly are with constant resourcing problems) it is tough to figure out when it is OK to say yes and how politely to say no.



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