Planners meet at the Amsterdam

Amster  I visited BBDO briefly (will write more about this later) then headed for the Amsterdam Café to see if any planners had turned up to accept my offer of a drink. Adrian and Stefan from BBDO were there as was Diana Ceausu, a celebrated blogger on the ad scene in Romania and joint organiser with Bogdana from Headvertising of planning get togethers in Bucharest.  I was mortified to miss Bogdana who had gone back to the agency to write a couple more briefs. But we spent a couple of hours talking on various themes. Diana has reference some of these in her blog. I harped on a bit about what I call blogger anxiety.  The best blogs look effortless but they rarely are. Letting the Dianabrandtarot strategy show is a crime. I was baiting Diana because she has a knack of creating drama in consecutive posts. She resigned with no explanation the day after she and Bogdana organised the first real get together of planners. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t aware of what she was doing and how effective it was.  She probably thinks I overanalyse everything now. She fell on the pack of Brand Tarot cards I produced – this is what she is doing in the photo. 

I’d been surprised to see her at the Extreme Research course because knowing she’d resigned I had assumed she wouldn’t be able to raise the money from her agency to come on the course.  I was flabbergasted to discover she had paid to come on the course with her own money.  I hope it was worth it – that is really the ultimate compliment.



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