Movies: Chanel No 5 and Casino Royale

I’ve long had misgivings about the Bond franchise but took my son to see Casino Royale on Saturday and loved the reworking they had given it. They really have tried to get back to basics. In the light of which the constant lingering on product placement verged on the ironic. Careless of Bond but does he really need to use 3 different Sony Ericksson phones in the course of a couple of days?

The other thing I enjoyed was watching the Chanel 5 movie. Which is also showing on the TV as a commmercial but in the cinema they have the time to show the credits of all the agency bods who worked on the film. Something I have always aspired to do. Well done chaps. One day we’ll manage to do it on the telly – there’s got to be a client or two still profligate enough to pay for it…



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