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Icgalley Well having had a lunchtime meeting I took the opportunity to swing by the Insight show in London.  It was a bit of a trial to get in but while I was getting past the minders at the front door who it turned out didn’t know what in insight was. Once I’d done my best to explain one of them paraphrased it back to me: "So basically an insight is something that I have, that nobody else has and I can’t tell anybody else because if I did I’d have to kill them." Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  Research exhibitions are fun because researchers are so nice and personable they couldn’t do a sales number on you if they tried. So there was none of the shyster tricks you find wall to wall at most exhibitions. The closest to a ruse I saw was 2 exhibitors showing exceptional cleavage promoting a viewing facility (!) but perhaps that was just a happy accident.   Centrepiece of the show as far as I was concerned was the Independent Consulting Group’s Bomber Alley (pictured above)  as hapless clients barrelled down the centre, consultants were poised on either side with searchlights and ack ack to take them out. I didn’t see anybody reach the end of the alley without being nobbled (in a nice way). I certainly didn’t make it. And used it as an opportunity to catch up with people Vera – power dressing, Corky, David Simmonds and Tina B.  I also bumped into Audrey Niven with a very senior researcher fresh out of Millward Brown on ‘gardening leave’. The thing I’ve notice about gardening leave is that the one thing you DON’T do is stay in your garden. You have to get out and about telling all and sundry that you’re on gardening leave. Is that an insight I wonder? 



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