Getting paid – Stampila Mk 2

Stampila On July 4th I previously wrote about the perils of doing business in Romania where every business transaction is face to face and requires a stamp from both companies. The absence of a stamp is more suspect than a fraudulent or forged stamp.  I was delighted at the end of my June visit to be presented with an unofficial stampila of my own complete with the Planning Above and Beyond logo – I am now probably the only planner in the world with his own (fake) stamp.  I was asked once again if I had a stamp for the contract and invoice. When I admitted the existence of the fake stamp this was immediately pressed into service for 2 out of the 3 invoices and contracts I had to sign. Which means that of course from my own culture I have moved into fraudulent territory passing off a fake stamp as genuine. But as far as the finance departments are concerned there’s a lot less trouble with a fake stamp than no stamp at all.  A lot less suspicious.



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