Ethical advertising

I’m invited out for a drink by Teo and the GMP gang. During the evening I get drawn into a discussion about ethical advertising. I’m not very clear about what is meant by this. There is a sense that advertising should have a clear social benefit.  We talk about advertising that goes under the radar. Someone says that for them it is important that people get to make choices themselves. My response is that people’s choices are free. We may know they’re not but that’s our moral responsibility as profession persuaders. You can only make moral decision within the parameters you can control. It’s a light hearted comment (really) but she looked so stricken that I wish I hadn’t said it – driving someone else out of the advertising business wasn’t my idea.  There’s a plan hatched to hire a car and head off to the mountains on the Sunday. I’m keen to go along. I want to see what Romania is like outside of Bucharest and there is this interesting script where every weekend many in Bucharest ‘go to the mountains’ whatever that means.



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