Dear Heather..


Your name came up in a discussion about brands and positioning today.  What isn’t well understood is that what you say and how you want people to see you is never as important as how people perceive you. I wish you well. I have no idea if you are a victim or a predator. But in the final analysis you’re up against a Beatle, an icon with a 40 year history. I don’t know if Paul is the kind of man you say he is. But you can’t win.

If Paul is the Beatle we think he is then we will never take you seriously. If Paul is the man you say he is we will ignore the evidence. Even if you manage to produce it. This is what branding means Heather. You started 40 years too late, But you have demonstrated the difference between the person we want people to believe we are and what people choose to believe. The second is market positioning. The first is fantasy and wish fulfilment.



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