Barry Scott and the multiplication of meanings

Barryscott Now that the public has the technology tamper with ads, a few enthusiasts are having a go. I enjoyed The adventures of Barry Scott Part 1 though there are several versions as if the remixer couldn’t make up his mind what to do with it. I think the most startling thing apart from the anarchy is the multiplying of the levels of meaning which adds greatly to the enjoyment – it reinforces how this particular type of ad tries desperately hard to drill down to one meaning only and to reinforce this with repetition.  I’m reading Everything bad is good for you at present so am particularly mindful of the dumbing up or increasing complexity of modern culture. So much advertising – and Cillit  fortunately isn’t typical of the current crop – is showing its age – because there is no ambiguity. Its boring – till the remixers opened the floodgates.



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