Aussie take on the Brits 2

Clivejames In the cottage I found a collection of Clive James’ memoirs which I speed read while we were there. I’ve been planning a kata for the website on audiences. And his first take on the English from Falling Towards England when he arrived in 1961 is very relevant. His perceptions had been formed by watching English films – which made arriving seem strangely surreal. I’ve decided the only perspective from which to view audiences has to be external. Not in the fashion of most of our creative briefs where the audience is chopped and diced as if by a butcher’s apprentice. But with a recognition that they are real people but whose experience is usually radically different from ours.  My favourite quote was at the end of the first set of memoirs: "Nothing I have said is factual except the bits that sound like fiction." I keep worrying at this fact fiction split. A lot of the facts that we write are actually fiction. And would be better presented as such could we face up to it.



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