Aretha Today I was working with Iain Dunn – former creative director at JWT Manchester not to mention Strategy head at Lambie Nairn for a time. Always a pleasure to work with a mate of longstanding whose thinking about brands is so clear and articulate. Particularly as our topic was B2B branding which can so often turn to quagmire.  One of our many digressions was to talk about Aretha – I’d been listening to this album of greatest hits on the drive over to Iain and frankly Aretha is capable of putting me into a trance like state with song after song. Retrospective collections are usually cheesy and badly recorded. But Aretha is so fresh, so raw and well a bit good really! We were talking about what made a singer great – technique – ability to work an audience, the ability to get inside a song and own it – to make it their own. I think the other quality is the ability to sing a song so fresh that you feel that the singer is making active choices – that the next time they sing it the mood will be different so they will sing it differently – not just like their last recording.   What is so mysterious about this is that it is so difficult for us to measure or categorise. Those making classic recordings don’t seem to be aware of it at the time (and those that do are usually wrong in their hyped pronouncements). Why is it that we recognise greatness at a distance and that greatness still goes in and out of fashion? Its more than subjectivity but it never becomes truly objective.

Still Iain and I managed to build a great brand positioning today right?



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