Sure you’re doing the right thing?

Mfi MFI announced today it was selling 220 stores… for £1 and concentrating on manufacturing.  Well they had it coming.  But if you’ve been making something nobody wants to buy, then selling your stores doesn’t solve the problem does it?  It’s a shame. Time was when I bought my first terraced house and was skint that I used to be down MFI every Saturday because only they sold furniture I could afford.  But once I was past that stage there was no reason to go there and they never came after me.  And think how Ikea came into the UK market nearly 20 years ago now 1 store at a time. And MFI did nothing to address it. I still think it outrageous that in the face of the big I, UK furniture retailers pretended nothing had changed. There should be more than 1 Ikea style retailer cheap but with lots of ideas that made the products  irresitable. And there could have been if one of the retailers had done something about it. The demise of MFI is a warning about what happens when you pretend that nothing changes.



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