Set vibrators to stun

Rabbit And now a third retail posting of the day! After my Swarovski detour I went to interview the training head of a rather well known store chain selling erotica.  When I arrived in the store she was on the phone so I was pounced upon by a member of staff who turned out to be the international vibrator evangelist for the entire chain.  She could sell non frigidity to Eskimos and is used to train and motivate just about everybody else on the topic worldwide. She led me to a display full of Rabbits and for 120 delightful seconds gave me both barrels (or should that be 3?). I learned about blending which I’d hitherto association with Magimix and Scottish Whisky. Well now you girls can have blended orgasms – why be content with a single or even a multiple one?  When I finally got to my interview I discovered that you can now get an NVQ for selling erotica – all entirely funded by the government – this is turning into an amazing project.  Did you know that there is a national goal for getting 80% of adults past Level 2 qualification? It’s not just about GCSEs – you can be trained and certified to do just about anything.  I am genuinely stunned. And I think I’m in favour.  You really couldn’t make it up could you?



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