Pitched out

Pitched today – this one was for direct marketing. I’m going to sound like a total nerd but there is a peculiar pleasure in a DM pitch well done. It’s like rigging a tall ship for sea. There’s a huge amount of detail to be checked over but you have to keep the big picture in view – moving from arguments over strategy to checks on pack costs, call centre performance figures and inevitably business case projections. This pitch was supposed to last 2 hours but went on for 3 because the clients got involved. We then discovered that they had to spend Friday afternoon listening to the next 2-3 hour agency presentation – I don’t envy them but taking 2 pitches in one day to that level of detail – well I’d rather take the morning slot. And it meant that the barbs we had planted against the competition were freshly delivered! Although we were overrunning so badly the creative director was so passionate about the copy on the letters that he insisted on reading it out for all the main packs. Which brought the meeting to a happy standstill triggering a mini debate on the sequencing of pulling the heart strings and precisely when to pitch the ask.  It is creative that wins pitches every time but it isn’t so often that we get down to discussing the copy – not as a chore but getting absorbed in what makes a piece of writing powerful. Fingers crossed.



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