extra extra wot a waste…

Londonpaper The last couple of time I have been in London at the end of the day I have been staggered by the number of ‘vendor’s giving away free papers. I am talking about one every 100 metres or so. If you don’t frequent London you won’t be aware that there is a war at present between the Evening Standard and a couple of new market entrants including Ruper Murdoch. Which leads to you being offered not 1 but 4 free papers a day.  Clearly this is unsustainable – and while I suppose I’m favour of the extra employment – its a classic example of the waste in so much marketing spend – this will go on for a month or so until one of the parties runs out of nerve or money or both and the survivors will pick up market share. What ever happened to the power of ideas? Which is the best evening paper? Never mind. Keep up the arms race. Should be eligible for a mediocre marketing award.



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