Bling’s the thing

Swarovski Spotted the Swarovski store on Oxford Street and it made me giggle out loud.  It looked gorgeous. But catch no 1 – it’s in Oxford Street Britains’ premier retail alley – with all the dreadful associations that go with it. No luxury retailer would be seen dead in the Tottenham Court Road end of the street. Displays looked fabulous – the staff’s black uniforms looked good. I really liked the understated price tags so you had to peer to see that a lump of crystal was priced at a couple of hundred quid. It looked downright classy until you remembered the location and looked closely at what they had turned crystals into? teddy bears and dolphins and all sorts.  The store could do quite well with tourists who are into bling but I got the impression they were hoping for a classier type of customer than that.  I don’t think they’re going to get their money back. Happy to be proved wrong though. I’ve been reading up on the luxury market and how you have to set the cues for the really rich people and then for the wannabes who want a piece of it. My problem with this store was that the luxury took you by surprise but was skin deep. It was like popping a huge colourful bubble – and nothing was left.



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