Trains, plain and deliverables

Virgintrain Travelled by Virgin trains today to a creds meeting – I do like the fact that they have sockets by the tables so you can laptop to your heart’s content. Of course the fun is trying to figure out what everyone is doing on their laptops which is soo important. Me I’ve just upgraded to the latest version of Arkaos 3.6 the VJ software so was working through all the new video effects seeing how far I could push them… but feeling that using Branson’s electricity for such a trivial use was not the done thing  – a very satisfying feeling.

At the meeting it became very evident that they were looking for a planner who could implement what their resident ‘brand planner’ came up with.  I tried to behave myself but became more and more incredulous that here was someone working as a planner who didn’t appear to get involved in channel delivery AT ALL advertising or otherwise.  My tact eventually evaporated and I stopped saying ‘no comment’  and asked what deliverables were offered by aforesaid brand planner. Apparently a brand strategy, a creative brief without deliverables … that was left to the suits to fill in.  Of course it is entirely possible that the person in question is being traduced. But in the current climate (or frankly in any climate you might care to mention) a strategist who concentrates on messaging and has nothing to do with how that messaging is delivered and how the audience interact with those channels is wasting their agency’s time and their clients’ money. There I’ve said it.  Unbelievable. I don’t mean to diss one of the brotherhood but this was bang out of order… guv.  Now back to the VJing…



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