Solving the problems of the ME de Bono style

Marmite Dropped in for a coffee with Carol who writes the Planning Blog. We got into a heated debate on Israel Lebanon and proportionality which reminded me about my meeting with Edward de Bono 5 years ago. Jon  McKie of O&M had done lots of training with him in Oz and took me to meet the great man. It was a rather extraordinary meeting. But Peacekeepers one of the gems I remember was that he had a simple solution for the problems of the Middle East. Marmite.  Apparently there’s an iron deficiency in the diet and its the reason everyone has such a short fuse. So there you have it – overcome decades if not centuries of animosity, religious and cultural mistrust  and parachute in Marmite. Perhaps the UN could provide blue toasters. Marvellous. I thought at the time that Edward was being ironic or amusing but actually he was being deadly serious. Which worried me. He suffered from what I can only describe as attention deficit disorder. Not his but ours. I’ve rarely met anyone who needed quite so much attention or worked so hard to get it – I wonder what colour that hat is?



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