Multilateralism and marketing

AssadThis blog doesn’t usually wander into political territory and I don’t actually want to go there now. But I was struck by Assad’s aggressive speech claiming victory for Hezbollah as a defining moment for the unilateral policy making favoured by the US administration, by Israel and by Blair as unswerving Bush supporter. Unilateralism isn’t working. The trouble with behaving unilaterally is that it is a less effective way (even using force) of getting people to do what you want. So far the unilateral policies since 9/11 have had the opposite effect – an increase in nationalism, anti western feeling and a decrease in world stability and safety for citizens of every nationality. Who now believes that western powers are working in the middle east with the support of those who live there and those who rule them?

Teamamerica2 Marketing has conventionally behaved unilaterally with its talk of targeting and audiences. Even this year’s favoured euphemism engagement involves marketers finding the surefire techniques for making their customers engage. Multilateralism takes longer but has more chance of success because it works on the basis of win win. Everybody has to get something out of it.  With audiences not paying attention or even switching off in droves, multilateralism is the only way you can get the result you are after, when you want it. Because the other parties are willing to go along with it.

It probably didn’t help that I watched Team America last night on DVD – multilateralism rules – OK? – OKOKOKOKOKOKOKOK



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