Mid air horror – What are you going to do today?

Plane_interior_1 The big news story today is that if you want to fly from the UK you can’t take anything on the plane following a security alert that terrorists were going to take exploding liquid (Tango?) on planes.

At the risk of trivialising a serious situation my immediate response was that having to sit on the plane with nothing but a wallet, a passport, medication, an inflight magazine and a sickbag to keep me amused is a death sentence for air travel. Mobiles, PSPs, Ipods… the whole lot of them have to be checked in and placed in the hold.

I carry my valuables with me because I worry about theft and lost suitcases. Make me put them in the hold and I really don’t want to get on the plane.

But the real casualty is the travel experience. One of my discoveries from my work over the past week has been the extent to which people switch off during journeys. We have become accustomed to bringing our own accessories with us to personalise our private bubbles with magazines, books, music and what have you. The idea of sitting in a tube at 30,000 feet for hours on end, being forced to share the same reality as another 300 people in a confined space is a horrifying prospect.

I look forward to to hearing that someone has been arrested and charged with smuggling a Jeffrey Archer novel onto a plane so compromising flight security…

Sell your airline shares. Time to switch to Cunard….



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