Bridging the generation gap

Thu 10/08/2006 12:05 10082006This morning I took my 8 year old to a holiday club in the Methodist church at the end of the road. I couldn’t help notice that none of the helpers was under the age of 60. Well what of it? It’s good that pensioners are gainfully employed looking after children since the parents for the most part are hard at work. But there was something plaintive about this. I know the stats for the Methodist denomination. The average age of the congregations is approaching retirement. Officially the meltdown date is 2015 beyond which the UK Methodists will no longer be viable as a denomination. Which made me look at this exercise in fulfilling a valuable community service with new eyes. As a strategy was it likely to succeed? How many young families would get the message and show up next Sunday morning. This isn’t just a holiday club – its an acquisition strategy. And more’s the pity probably too little too late.
Thu 10/08/2006 12:05 10082006



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