Expertise and the pleasures of vacancy

Today I’ve been out doing comms channel research through observation then interviews. My first respondent turned out to have more than a passing interest in the topic because it was his job to teach foreign students to work this particular environment.  Officially when these kinds of people turn up in research it is supposed to be a disaster because we’re suppose to privilege virgin respondents. Actually I’m always grateful because they always add an additional layer of meaning and if we set out to find such people in the first place we’d find it incredibly difficult.

The other principle pleasure of the day was having time to kill so I found a Colombian caff and holed up there for an hour to review a brief I have to comment on before the weekend. I just love this kind of work which is rather like a Swiss cheese full of vacant spaces and constant changes in context. Its the best environment for having new ideas.  And its a very restful way of doing it – the ideas just bubble up through the vacant spaces.



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