Compression and rail journeys

Hoff3  On the train yesterday afternoon I was fooling around with the VJing software when a voice at my elbow said What IS that? It belonged to Elisabeth Hoff – fashion photographer who had never seen Vjing before.  It’s always interesting to hear creative people try to describe their work when they don’t have any to show – they get very tentative: "bold .. energetic ..  at the glossy end" And having visited her site I can see her work is all of that.

We got talking about multimedia and it turned out that she currently shoots 115 MB images on a digital Hasselblad but has yet to learn some of the tricks of compressing images so you can play with them on something smaller than an IBM mainframe.  So it was easy  enough to fire up Photoshop Elements on the laptop (all of 40 quid) to  provide a swift tutorial before we got to Euston..

Hoff5 Hoff1_1 The great thing about being at the top of your game in the photography business is that you have people to photoshop for you. The great thing about being a jobbing people watcher is that you have to do everything yourself! I think my smug score went off the chart briefly ;-)



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