One of the punters OR work life balance!

Punters I had a briefing at Ware Anthony Rust (pictured behind) so took the opportunity (and the family) up the road to Cambridge and off for a spot of punting up the backs of the colleges.  Continued my July promotional theme of buying icecreams for the meeting with Alison and Dale, MD and CD respectively in the restaurant underneath the agency with its very own water wheel. You can even look through portholes in the tables at the water rushing through the millrace underneath. I’m well aware that this sends completely the wrong signals to my children who will think that going to the office involves lounging on cushions, eating 3 scoops and guessing how much moulah each Cambridge college has in the bank as we glide past. In my experience it’s actually surprisingly easy to make work more fun. Most of the time we don’t try hard enough. And remember there are more jobs than people to fill them so take a look at your desk and starting making some changes. I did. And then we endured dreadful traffic to deliver a harmonium for restoration to Cambridge Organs where the proprietor showed us round his home and organ/harmonium collection (let’s avoid the innuendo shall we?) and insisted on playing a piece on a ‘Victorian Synthesiser’ before we left. As we left Andrew commented  – He’s really passionate about what he does isn’t he Dad – he’s almost as crazy as you are.



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