Metropole Hotel Brussels

Metropolesml Dominique at Duval Guillaume had cannily recommended that I stay at the Metropole. It’s a 5 star hotel which raised the eyebrows of the client the next morning when I admitted it but it was actually a good deal cheaper than the 3 star hotel I had booked in Amsterdam the week before. It’s a terribly grand hotel – in the style of la belle epoque what ever that means.  It seemed to do a special line in portraits of conferences involving lots of men with large moustaches.  But when I got around to examining one at close quarters I discovered that they didn’t all have big mustaches. The one I looked at had a woman by the name of Mme Curie, and then I got to really looking and spotted no less than Rutherford and Einstein himself gathering for a conference in 1911. How cool is that to be staying in a hotel that Einstein stayed in? Why didn’t they say so instead of burying him in mustaches?  I found that Caruso had stayed in a suite on the same corridor – which for 80 euros a night was a bargain as far as I was concerned.  I celebrated with a Belgian beer (manadatory) and went to bed.



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