Metal to brick ratio

You really don’t want a blow by blow account of my working movements. However before buying icecream for the planning department of Forward (see earlier Summertime post) as my contribution to global cooling :-) – its really a more civilised way to work…. I was lunching with Clare Simpson of Andrews Aldridge and she introduced me to the metal to brick ratio which I thought I’d share with y’all. It goes something like this.  Luxury brands love to think that posh people buy posh houses, go on posh holidays and drive expensive posh cars. It ain’t necessarily so. The metal to brick ratio divides the value of the house by the value of the car(s) parked in front of it. What you find is that funds being limited you tend to find that there is an inverse relationship between the value of the car and the value of the property. Some people prefer big valuable houses and park grotty, second hand cars outside them. Others park a gleaming limo in front of their flashy but actually quite modest Barratt homes.  Great ratio and a very useful discriminator. I’d like to see a data planner mathematise it in such a way as to eliminate the anomalies. Its yet another example of how faced with constraints we all respond differently. Man’s got to know his limitations to quote Mr Eastwood.



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