First we screw you then we sell you – Bulldog so bad it’s good

Bulldog I have featured this extraordinary company in Trumps and Raspberries as example of truly awful service delivery. Just to bring you up to date. This company persuaded me to switch to them in May of 2005 but their service was so bad pre-installation that I cancelled. Since then they have regularly billed me for a service they haven’t installed. And a year of chasing by Visa has failed to dent their enthusiasm for collecting money they haven’t earned. Emails letter and phone calls make no difference to them. According to customer service I have never been billed and I’m not a customer. According to their finance department the installation has taken place and I’ve been using the service ever since.  They even wrote to me to ask me to recancel because they had been too busy to respond to the first cancellation request.

I couldn’t imagine how it would be possible to lower their standards even further. But they managed with this wonderful customer announcement by email over the weekend which went like this:

"Dear Mr. John Griffiths,
You may have seen in the national press last weekend coverage of Bulldog’s plan to sell its customer base. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of our intentions and to provide a clearer picture.

Firstly, I can confirm that Cable & Wireless are in discussion with potential purchasers of the Bulldog retail customer base…until any deal is completed, Bulldog will continue to fully support its customers, retaining all parts of our infrastructure and organisation. This includes functions such as technical support, customer service and billing. ….With Bulldog’s state-of-the-art network still providing your service, you’ll certainly be assured of an ongoing, very high standard of delivery.

This isn’t just bad customer communication, its awesomely bad. There is nothing in the communication which hints why any of this might be in the customer’s interest. Bulldog have changed their business strategy to wholesale and the customers are to be sold off like cattle. Best thing that’s ever happened to Bulldog customers – even to non customers like me!



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