Day 6 Bucharest

Amsterdamcafe_1 Early start at 6 to assemble the deck al fresco then a beautiful walk through the cobbled streets back to the Amsterdam to do the training. I’ve discovered that all of the groups I have trained have been reluctant to ask questions at first. It’s not the language barrier apparently. I’ve been told there’s a cultural barrier – they want to know the right answer – they’re not used to being challenged to think and to generate their own thinking.

Sistersml But running the course this way with day one on adding value to the client they can move from the ‘basics’ to the more advanced and left of field tools.  The brand screenplay writing technique goes down a treat – I can tell that everybody wants to use it but is worried that it won’t work for them. And I’ve made a judgement call that it is better to give them lots of tools and let them work out the implications for themselves – so no time to try a technique that really needs at least an hour to breathe.

Johncostin I do a little tourist shopping by myself very pleased that I am finding my bearings. Then to the Amsterdam for the first international drinks night organised by Planning Above and Beyond. This is where the Amazon commission from book sales for the last 6 months gives a drinks tab of 150 euros. I am worried that the entire advertising industry will descend on the Amsterdam to freeload but the result is the same as ever. Even free drinks aren’t sufficient incentive to draw more than 17 of the perhaps 150 people who have attended the training. But it is a fine evening. We have representation from at least 5 agencies – and people come from all 3 courses – there’s lots of movement. I’m delighted to spend time with some of the chief planning bloggers for the Romanian scence – lots of talk about forming an APG for Romania and organising a programme. Talk also in hushed tones of Russell Davies blogger supreme when he next visits Romania and how they can tempt him over. I am thrilled to be presented with a souvenir: a stamp of my very own – Romanian style with the Planning Above and Beyond logo on it – for stamping contracts and invoices. So pleased in fact that I provoked the assembly by branding myself on the forehead for the evening. Apparently stamps are so essential to commercial life in Romania that such frivolous usage is considered mildly subversive. See the attached album for photos.

I had bet the Romanians that they couldn’t drink the entire tab. This had  after all been the experience of years of having Planning Above and Beyond drinks nights. But tonight they won the bet comfortably. It was only the following day that I realised that in one evening we had drunk the entire income of a well qualified office worker in the city and a quarters income for a rural worker. Pause for thought %-}

We left the bar at 12 and went for a meal.



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