Postscript about the Da Vinci code OR why I like Jesus

I note that the Da Vinci Code film has now been banned in China. Pakistan and India. Because it is offensive to the resident Christian population numbering some 1%. And the Muslims have taken exception as well. So that really did put paid to it. Which leaves me feeling slightly abashed that as a practicing Christian I was soo insensitive that I not only read the book but went to see the film and organised a group of people to go and see it and talk about it afterwards. Do I agree with the film? No I don’t but that’s not a reason to ban it. The whole point about God becoming a human being which I still think is a radical idea (isn’t it?) is that he becomes fair game. Some can worship (as I do) and others can think him a bit of a wanker.  It’s fair comment. We can bring the whole apparatus of lawyers and terrorists to protect our deities. But only if they keep their distance.  Which Jesus didn’t. And is one of the reasons I rate him so highly. If I’ve offended anybody .. good.  Postscript to the postscript. This happens to every brand that gets close to its customers so you just have to live with it.



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