The content conspiracy

   The Da Vinci circus has been in town for a fortnight now and what impresses is how the film has mutated into downloads on mobile phones and video games. There is acres of programming devoted to it. And underneath its shelter there are at least a dozen other titles to keep it all bubbling hot. Now it’s inconceivable that most products could receive this kind of support from the media – it wouldn’t be allowed. But it does raise the question whether brands shoulcn’t try a lot harder to create content strategies. Fine for published media  but why can’t other brands take a leaf out of their book? Most promotional budgets are still spent by external agencies making content which has a single narrow purpose and which once used is disposable. Because all it does is big up the product – and it entertains for seconds rather than hours – and there’s no mystery or puzzles to solve. In Couplands latest offering  there are pages full of verbal and mathematical puzzles in what is after all a novel. When clients discover content strategies they aren’t going to look back.



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