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Last Sunday I had cause to buy half a dozen Sunday papers and supplements – not something I do very often. Which gave me a vivid impresson of how far supplements have evolved into magalogues full of opportunities to buy. Now I know perfectly well how much the advertising in supplements subsidises the Sunday and the weekly papers. But what I am talking about is blatant advertorial written by supposedly independent journalists for page after page of product promotion. I regularly research for customer publishing and it’s startling to see how blatantly more commercial a Sunday supplement is than a customer magazine which has to start on the basis that you haven’t asked for the magazine and you have to constantly cajole the reader to go further.  Just another sign that advertising isn’t going away – it’s mutating into endorsement. And that the crafting of commercial speech from an advertiser is a dying art. Why bother when a stringer from the Sunday Times or renta-celeb will do it for you?



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