Account Planning Group AGM

ApglogoIt happened Monday night – suppose I should have taken a pic and posted straight to the blog to prove how live this blog can be. Last time I was at the AGM was 1998 I reckon. Malcolm White has taken over the chair from Russell Davies.  Main things to report are that they’ve slimmed the committee down bigtime to get some more work out of fewer comittee members there’s only 5 on committee now.  There’s a conference planned for the autumn of this year on the general topic of new thinking in branding and planning.  And there’s an attempt to do more things which are relevant to more experienced planners. Training in the lower echelons is fine but once you’ve been a planner for a while it gets a lot more tricky choosing topics which interest enough people to fill courses/events.  There’s also a website revamp plannned.

I logged the problem that a lot of people have problems getting hold of APG books – and mail me to complain about it!  They’ve since sent me a link which I’ll place on the relevant pages so you can order from them. Paypal is on the cards for direct ordering from the site but for now you have to complete and fax a form. Here’s the link if you can’t wait APG books



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